"Consider this, for better or worse, my way of keeping actively engaged in my own sobriety"

Sober Not Sober is a podcast hosted by Daniel Tinson, featuring a variety of content between Podcasts, editorials, interviews, opinion pieces and more.

Daniel candidly opens up engaging with drinkers and non drinkers alike to educate and bridge understanding
between those that do, do not or might struggle with alcoholism.
Content in Sober Not Sober is sourced and created with the aim to relate, educate and empower others.
Directly this means content may not always relate in a straight line back to alcoholism, addiction or sobriety.
Indirectly though, being sober can be a daily commitment with some days being more challenging than others,
maybe there's something here to get you to tomorrow.
We hope those who are seeking it will find some form of medium through this content that helps build a greater understanding of their own or someone else's circumstances along with how to help.

Sober Not Sober Podcast Launching SOON .
Articles, information and companion Pieces available HERE.

"For the past 14 years or so I have been trying to find the best way to beat alcoholism and stretch my legs into sobriety. 
I have in this time learnt that one does not simply beat alcoholism.
My longest stretch of sobriety broke in March 2020 ceasing an almost 4.5 year sober period.
Although not defeated and currently working on it, I have since been unable to put more than 1.5 months sobriety together.
Sober Not Sober has evolved since it’s inception 5 years ago to now becoming a cog in my own personal journey back to wellness.
Hopefully through sharing my own learning and educating, I can inspire or assist others along the way." - Daniel Tinson